Squarewave Maker is a sandbox rhythm action game where
the level is your musical instrument.

Alone or with friends you'll have to be a virtuoso to be the best.

Build, remix and share levels and music to become one of our community's
most regarded maestros.

Music is always just one jump away.

Features :

  • Low latency and audio accurate game systems which makes playing a level being like a musical performance.

  • Tons of included levels waiting to be mastered.

  • Challenging scoring and ranking system based on player's velocity and precision.

  • Single and multiplayer game modes.

  • Game editors to create your own levels.

  • Various building block themes and playable characters to choose from to fit with your level design ideas.

  • Complete audio toolbox : sequencer (with midi importer), mixer, synthetizers, and effects for creating your own playable music.

  • No need to be an expert to create levels and music for the game, you can start by "remixing" the included content or the one shared by other players.

  • Share your creations with the community and try to be one of the top ranked creators.

2018 Moshing Cat Studio Inc.